Nimbus CVM

Nimbus CVM is a mobile workflow enablement solution for the management of visitors or contractors accessing premises such as office and industrial parks, logistics depot and constructions sites.

Customer specific workflow is configured and/or developed rapidly from the generic solution and may be refined on an ongoing basis to achieve the customer specific requirements, where the tasks are defined and sequenced to achieve the desired workflow.


Rules and verifications are built in to ensure maximum data accuracy and the date, Time and Location stamp are recorded at each step of the process.

A range of api’s allow for the integration with the existing backend systems.


Functionality Modules:

The Nimbus CVM solution is highly configurable and customisable where the specific requirements are enhancements to the exiting functionality as listed below:

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DL Scanning

Scanning and decrypting of the South African Driver’s License or South African ID book or card for the identification of the visitor.

Scanning of foreign passports is accommodated or a photo is taken together with the capturing of the relevant information.


VL Scanning

Scanning of the Vehicle License disc allows for the capturing of the vehicle details.



Automatic Number Plate Recognition for the vehicle identification where the vehicle license disc is not available or accessible.



Visitors may be preauthorised by issuing a OTP (One-Time-PIN) that is generated from a smartphone application, web based invitation or integration with the calendar such as OUTLOOK.


Adhoc Clearance

Unannounced visitors may be authorised directly from the mobile terminal by the guard by phoning the person being visited and generating a OTP on approval.


Contractor Management

Contractors are processed as “regular” visitors for a specified period allowing for a streamlined process.



Recording the number and identification of passengers and enforcing the specified authorisation requirements.



Management of induction processes and expiries ensure critical safety requirements are adhered to.


Event management

Bulk invitations of individuals and validation on entry for events such as University graduations and other similar events. Photographs of the person entering may be presented to enable further identification.



Validation of students entering the premises for specified events such as examination ensuring reliable identification and verification of the timeslot, campus and building against the published timetable.


Data Capture

Capturing of Additional information such as contact number and number of passengers.


Safety Inspection

Inspections of the vehicle to ensure all safety standards are adhered to, such as fire extinguishers, indicators. Driver or passenger PPE and breathalyser testing.


Safety Instructions

Advising the individuals of specific safety standards such as speed limits, keeping lights on, evacuation procedures, etc.


Asset Tracking

Recording assets brought onto site such as laptops, cameras and enforcing processing of these items, including firearms.


Gate activation

The gate or boom is activated directly from the mobile terminal by the guard to enhance efficiency.



Weighbridge integration ensures time management and capturing of load data.


Load Details

Recording critical information such as document numbers, seal numbers, dip readings, meter readings and product loaded or returned, including pallets and containers.


Bay Management

Recording of on-bay and off-bay times, including wash bay.



Capturing of the refuelling transaction details.


Roll Call

Monitoring of visitors on site and verification during evacuation procedures.


Essential Features:

1. Full Operational Lifecycle

Full Operational Lifecycle, from vehicle or pedestrian entry, weighbridge, on bay, off bay to exit, the solution controls the full operational lifecycle of the process. Clear transfer of responsibility is maintained and the solution allows for security audits at any stage.

2. Rapid and Efficient Data Capture

Rapid and Efficient Data Capture, Data is captured once at the point of transaction and is seamlessly transferred to the existing backend system. No additional data capture processes, such as document scanning, are required.

3. POPI Compliance

POPI Compliance, the information gathered by the solution is stored securely and is only accessible by authorised personal. The information is captured purely for security purposes.



1. Overall Cost Savings

Overall Cost Savings, increase in staff productivity, by utilising the task, asset and equipment management facilities, together with a reduction in manual processing time and paperwork is achieved through real-time data updates and decision-making processes.

2. Labour and Resource Management

Labour and Resource Management, provided through the ability to define operators and equipment with skills sets, these resources are managed at a task level. Reporting provides feedback, allowing the business to improve the processes and initiate continual improvement programs. All operator actions are controlled centrally by the application server, providing a complete view of all operators and the current activities to the Supervisors, who may send messages, view transaction histories and define future operator actions.

3. Escalations

Escalations, Management of operational issues, discrepancies and problems may be tracked through escalation procedures that automatically send other operators to investigate issues as they occur.